My clocks are inspired by the element of an image found in old books, photographs, old sheet music, my paintings, or a combination of these. The inspiration for the clock as a medium is my personal sense of the passage of time. I don’t know about you, but I am getting older.

Digital clocks are quite stark and utilitarian.Analog clocks seem to be more sensitive to time in a way, and show a sense of proportion and context for the particular hour and minute.  Rarely will you find numbers on my clocks. The home place (12 o’clock) is identified either with a dimensional object or an element in the image. My clocks are designed to be gentle keepers of time.

I use two types of material for the clock bases. Wall Clocks use a 1″ bamboo plywood that holds the image and mechanism. Each Tabletop Clock is a cradled, thin, birch plywood that holds the image and mechanism and has an overall depth of 2”.


wall clocks

tabletop clocks