Clocks: Construction & Inspiration

My clocks are inspired by the element of an image found in old books, my photographs, old sheet music, my paintings, or a combination of these. The inspiration for the clock as a medium is my personal sense of the passage of time. I don’t know about you, but I am getting older. Analog clocks seem to be more sensitive to time in a way. Digital clocks are quite stark and utilitarian. Analog clocks show a sense of proportion and context for the particular hour and minute.

I use two types of material for the clock bases. The first is a 3/4 inch bamboo plywood that holds the image and mechanism, and is intended to be mounted to a wall. The bamboo itself is interesting in its own right. The other base is a cradled thin birch plywood that has an overall width of 2” and is intended to sit on a shelf, table or desk.

Rarely will you find numbers on my clocks. The home place or 12 will be indicated either with a dimensional object or an element in the image. Again, my clocks are designed to be gentle keepers of time. The fifteen minute intervals are easily inferred from the hands position and one can make an educated estimate of the other precise minutes. Digital immediacy there is not. And that’s not a bad thing.

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